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About Me!

Hi all! Welcome to my website - it's nice to see you :) My name is Hannah Frey (she/her), and I am a filmmaker and photographer from Portland, Oregon.

I graduated class of 2020 from the Arts & Communication Magnet Academy in Beaverton, Oregon. For most of my 19 years, I've been obsessed with movies which lead me to my passion of creating films. Although I had been making shorts since 3rd grade, being accepted into ACMA my freshman year is what allowed my art to bloom. There, I made connections that led me to some of my largest film projects. From directing an 18 minute film my Junior year, to being apart of creating a documentary for THPRD, to winning several film awards at Signal to Noise, my experience is diverse. I've worked in a variety of styles, from music videos to drama to documentary. Check out my film page for some of my film work!

The last few years, I've added photography to my repertoire. I now love photography. It's a close second to film for me. I love capturing people, and showing the world how cool they are. Although photography is a newer field for me, my style is defined yet flexible. I want to capture your confidence and style. Style is a big factor for me. Show off your dope fits in an environment that reflects you. I want your pictures to be unique and showcase you as who you are!

Some fun facts! I am an extremely creative person as well as goofy and outgoing. My top 4 movies are Call Me by Your Name, Lady Bird, Little Miss Sunshine, and The Shining. I love King Princess, Kid Bloom, ELO to give you some insight on my music taste. Overall, I'm into a lot, and I like people. Hit me up and let's make something! :)

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